Why is Optus Sport not on Foxtel


Another moronic decision


If you have to have an eligible Optus service why do we have to put up with the rubbish streaming service


Why can we have Optus Sport on Foxtel so we get REAL Full HD and the ability to record so we can watch the game when we want (and dont give me that On Demand lies - not all games are available)


You cant Stream sports


Maybe the idiots who watch it on their inferior Andriod phones dont notice how crap it is - but some of us have Home Theatre with Full HD and Optus Sport is horrendous (mainly because Optus are incapable of providing the bandwidth - as everything else I stream is perfect Full HD)


I really hate Optus


Worst Company Ever (well after Telstra)


If they didnt have the EPL I would have nothing to do with these charlatens


Re: Why is Optus Sport not on Foxtel


Optus Sport and Foxtel and competitors...


If you want a satellite option for the EPL, they do offer it at a cost - 

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