Why haven't you sent my service? Its been weeks!


I relocated my dsl and fetch service last month. 4 weeks ago my new modem arrived.

Every week for the last 4 weeks I have contacted optus to check status of my fetch box.

Everytime I talk to someone I am assured it will be here within 2-3 business days.

I have been given multiple order numbers and nothing else.

Today I contacted again and was told 6-8 business days.


What is going on? 

Will I pay a full month for half a service?

I was told my packaged could not be transferred and I had to choose a new $60 or $80. I chose $80 with the free subscription, but everytime I contact I'm told thats not the case. 

Pretty fed up with the lies and misinformation.


Re: Why haven't you sent my service? Its been weeks!


We've just replied to your PM. Happy to chat there!

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