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What is the delay on EPL catch up games?


Someone posted on here that online help told them there was a 12 hour delay on watching EPL catch up games.

I'd hope that is not true.

So how long after the game ends live can we watch the replay?


Re: What is the delay on EPL catch up games?

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Hey flippinheck, sorry for the confusion Smiley Sad I can confirm that the on-demand games will be available as soon as the final whistle blows for that particular game.

Re: What is the delay on EPL catch up games?


Why was the Everton vs Bournemouth on demand game not available on the mini fetch until 430pm on Sunday....


this is is not acceptable as I had to remain off grid until then so as not to see the score.


and for god sake you had a photo up of the Everton players celebrating a goal for the goals highlights icon.


if the game is on demand why is it not available first thing in the morning.  


This service has been a debacle.... as soon as you lose the epl rights (hopefully soon) I'll be cancelling everything I have to do with Optus....


Can you please improve your service, you have ruined this whole season for a lot of dedicated epl fans 

Re: What is the delay on EPL catch up games?


Hey Ajimf, really sorry to hear that this has been your experience I'll certainly pass your feedback on.

We did experience an issue with some games being loaded to on demand and were working as hard as we could to resolve the issue as quickly as we could.

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Re: What is the delay on EPL catch up games?


So we have all just got up at 6am to watch the Leicester v Everton game which played overnight AND IT"S NOT UPLOADED yet. WHY ????!!! We now have to go off grid for the rest of the day till we all get home  to avoid the score - do you know how hard that is in this day & age !! - and it's almost impossible anyway

Not happy - it totally spoils our whole day. The game would have finished 3 or 4 hours ago and started 5 or 6 hours ago. Why does it take this long to put the game up (especially as you are not showing 5 of the games this week due to your quota with the EPL),

Re: What is the delay on EPL catch up games?


Thanks for reaching out, @England1. There appears to be some confusion here :/


Live coverage of the Everton vs. Leicester game started at 6:45am EST, which explains why the game wasn't available in full if you tried accessing it at 6:00am. However, you would've been up in time to catch the game in real time. 

Rest assured, if you're still looking to catch the game in full, it's available via On Demand, which means you can access this at your convenience. I'd advise referencing our Premier League schedule here to avoid this happening again Smiley Happy

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