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New Contributor Robertcz
New Contributor

What is Fetch

I just got a letter from optus saying they were deactivating my Fetch because I hadn't used it. When I went to an all in one package internet/phone, they sent me this fetch box thing. I have Optus CableTV, and instructions I read said I could only use one or the other. So never bothered thinking Fetch. What is it?  Is it TV on demand?  Then why do I need the box?  If it is some special hardware, what does it do.


Most importantly, I have googled all over the place, and can find no evidence of what is in the FetchTV starter pack.

I know Optus always made it hard to find stuff out (badly designed website, multiple passwords and you never know when to use each one - and now there's this YesCrowd thing WTF), but how hard would it be to list what is in the starter pack?



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Moderator GuyCS

Re: What is Fetch

Hey @Robertcz - Yes TV by Fetch is a high-definition, digital set-top box recorder powered by Fetch TV that you can choose to rent as part of your monthly Optus plan. Oftentimes, this is included at no extra cost with our broadband plans. It also requires a constant internet connection as it's a digital/internet television service (as opposed to cable).


The starter pack you're referring to could be an older channel pack that was available for Fetch, or it could just mean what comes in the package when it's delivered.


For more info, please check out our website here →

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