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Watching ESPN at a friend's house using my fetch box


Hi All, 

I have an optus fetch box with the package with ESPN on it. My question is, does it need to be connected to my optus broadband to work? Or can I bring the box to a friend's house to watch a game connected to their wifi? 

What about games I've recorded? 


Thanks in advance! 


Re: Watching ESPN at a friend's house using my fetch box


Short answer is no, it doesn't need to be. 


Longer answer is, you need to have it connected to your Optus connection to activate it (so really just the first time) then you should be fine to take it to a mates place. Recorded games should be fine to once the internet connection is established.


Just be cautious of your friends download quotas. Most fixed internet connections are unlimited these days but not all are and you could cause him to get quite a high bill if you're not careful. 

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