Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


I have seen several posts where the question of whether it is possible to access Optus Sport (mainly the English Premier League) is possible via the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service, mainly used by people living in fringe reception areas and 'grey nomads' travelling in a caravan such as myself.


The response by Optus to previous customers enquiries appears to be nothing but subterfuge, with customers being handed from one department to another and finally the promise of a return call; and several years on no one appears to have come up with a definitive answer.


I subscribe to the Broadband Optus Entertainment Package including the English Premier League, but when touring in the caravan I can only record the vision on my Fetch TV unit to view on my return home; however my VAST system can see the Optus channels since it uses the Optus satellite, so surely it wouldn't be too difficult to unlock the channels to view live coverage over the VAST system for a small fee?


Has anyone achieved this?

Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport

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Thanks for getting in touch, @Sputnik.

That's a very interesting point that you've raised here. I'd like to provide further clarity and insight here, but this is something our TV & Content team will need to look into as they're specialists in this area. We're always looking at ways to improve your streaming experience with us and will try our best to assist.

If you can take a minute to complete a Fault Report, we'll have your query looked at in detail and our TV & Content team will contact you with further instructions.

Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


I'm sorry but why would I need to complete a fault report when nothing is broken?


I simply want to know whether as an Optus customer subscribing to Fetch TV Entertainment with English Premier League, if I can access the Optus channels on my Viewer Access Satellite Television set top box which uses the Optus satellite for reception?


The encrypted channels populate the list when tuning the unit for free to air channels and would only require authorisation by Optus to view them. Surely Optus could do this for existing customers for a small fee?

Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


Sorry @Sputnik, we generally recommend using the fault report form as it's one of the best ways to get in touch with our Tv & Content team.


That being said, I've checked in with that team and at this time, we don't have that option available for customers - only customers with Optus EPL Satellite access would be able to do this. Even with VAST TV, you'd still require a technician to come and 'install' the satellite. For Optus Satellite customers, this feature is $20 per month.

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Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


Thank you for your response, but I am beginning to suspect that the reason that Optus does not have an answer for me is that no one fully understands what the VAST system for travellers comprises of. I would strongly suggest that someone checks out the government website for this service 


The VAST system being used by 'grey nomads' is a portable unit which can be setup at whichever location you stop at, so there would be no ínstallation required unless an Optus technician wanted to travel around Australia with me? 


The set top box with a registered government issued smart card inserted in it and has a built in satellite finder to find the OPTUS SATELLITE, which is fine for up market recreational vehicles where the dish is on gimbals on the roof; but even a satellite dish mounted on a tripod with an inline satellite finder located at the dish only takes a moment to align. Clearly installation isn't required or for that matter appropriate.


With knowledge of the smart card number it would be easy for Optus to grant access to their channels; and $20 a month to access the Optus channels via satellite would be reasonable if as a traveller you could opt in and out depending on your travelling circumstances. It is something that Optus should seriously consider, as there is a market of grey nomads out there (and young families for that matter), many of whom already subscribe to Optus Fetch TV and the Entertainment and Sports Packages. They just can't view them live when travelling around remote parts of Australia.

Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


I'm sorry if there's been any confusion here, @Sputnik. I've just had a chat with our TV & Content team, who have asked me to confirm if you're an already an active Optus Sport subscriber.


There are a few variables that we need to be looked at before we can confirm if you're eligible for a Satellite service. For example, you'll need to both Optus Sport-eligible and have an Optus home broadband or mobile service. Further to this, you'll need to have access to your own roof as our Satellite needs to be installed on a roof you own, and you'll need landlord or Strata permission where necessary.

For more information about Satellite eligibility, I'd advise taking a look at this handy link.

Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


I thought I may have been a little harsh when I used the word 'SUBTERFUGE' in the first message in this thread, but given the last response I now suspect I am dealing with a robot!


I have made it clear that I am currently subscribed to Optus Sport and that this is via Optus home broadband; but I have also made it abundantly clear that the VAST system I use is a mobile unit when I am travelling in a caravan. So why would anyone ask me about roof access and strata permission?




Yes, the use of capital letters is equivelent to SHOUTING, but this is getting very frustrating? Is anyone else out there experiencing the same problem?

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Good luck with this, I am the customer who you have mentioned in your original post. Optus advertise on their own website that it is available if you own your own equipment with a subscription fee. However NONE of their staff know anything about it. I have spent hours on the phone with them, every single call I am put on hold then they give me another number to call, and that is repeated EVER SINGLE TIME that I have called. I've given up now, clearly they don't want to help their customers. I've even had one clueless customer service team member tell me that they don't use satellite to broadcast the service, I can asure you that their signal is broadcasted of the Optus D3/C1 satellite which is the same satellite used for VAST and Foxtel, my decoder shows me one of their channels that only shows the Optus logo, their other channels show that my smartcard isn't authorised for the service.


As I said, I give up, clearly Optus Customer Service have no idea of their own products

Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


You have my sympathy, it is very frustrating when the sales team isn't knowledgeable about the product they are spruiking, and even worse when technical support can't offer you an appropriate qualified answer. It is usually an indication that everything is scripted from a computerised system that employees have to follow. I doubt that the experience would be any better with other telephone companies.


The Optus staff and it's heirarchy just don't realise the potential market they are missing out on, especially given all the issues with NBN.


Re: Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) & Optus Sport


Did you get anywhere with this?  I have also started and new thread.

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