I am getting the message; 

"Unfortunately, you are unable to access this content. This may be because you are using a VPN or trying to access the video from overseas. If you believe this is an error, please contact Optus Sport Support."


However, I am definately not using a VPN that I know off. I am in Australia. It works on my desktop which has a VPN but I switch it off and it works. 


My laptop does not even have VPN extension. It's a work laptop which blocks like gambling, tobacco or illegal downloading sites but the likes of netflix, amazon prime, youtube work without issue. 

I need this fixed before the final. 

Somebody please help. 




Your work settings might be the cause. They're obviously blocking sites and have a white list of allowed sites. They possibly haven't added Optus Sports as allowed. Try accessing your games on another PC with your credentials to see if those are blocked. In general a work PC is set up to allow work. If you want to watch sport then contact the IT department to allow it or get a seperate device. Its likely there's nothing Optus can do here.


Peter Gillespie

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