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Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


Can Optus please confirm the capabilities of the DLNA services on the latest Fetch update.

- I can successfully use Fetch to access the DLNA server on my iMac running Plex, this is great.

- Can I use a DLNA client elsehwere on the network to access recorded content on the Fetch PVR? Previously DLNA clients were able to see the Fetch VOD folders but they were empty, now I can see the folders for every show I've recorded with content, but unable to play them.


Thanks Optus. new update is pretty good. 

Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


Hey kimono - glad to see you're liking the latest firmware/ software update Smiley Happy

The Media Hub is one of the many new features of the STB, however not something that's currently suppported. You may wish to try Fetch themselves to see if they can offer some insight into your question.

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Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


Hi Ryan, what do you mean by it's not currently supported. Do you mean 1. Optus doesn't support it so won't talk about it or 2. Technically this type of streaming isn't possible because of a limitation/configuration on the Optus Fetch unit?




Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


Hi there, to anybody else reading this... the answer is choosing the right DLNA / UPNP client on your device. 

After several bad attempts on iPad,  installing VLC works a treat, you can browse all PVR recorded content from your iPad and play it on the new Fetch. Works a treat!

Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


Sad news, it seems the latest FETCH firmware update (installed today) has made the recording files invisible to VLC etc. via DLNA.  I wonder was that accidental or intentional?

Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


If this is the case, I will now leave Optus.  I recently re-signed my home services contract for another 12 months but as they have taken functionality away, I will look for whatever cooling off clause in the contract. this is ridiculous.


Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


I've got the same problem as DisT. I can no longer see the files under the PVR folder using VLC or any app. Do others have this issue..


how do we roll back to the working firmware!!

Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


i've got optus support looking into this for me, the guy is going to get back to me... Their twitter support @Optus is pretty good .. 

Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update


This is a known issue at Optus. 


Below is a statement from Fetch TV on their FaceBook page in response to a question.


"The DLNA server function of My Media Hub which allowed you to see your recordings on your computer was turned on for testing, but is currently turned off for Optus customers. We're waiting for Optus to tell us it's OK to turn it on again, and also to enable you to watch FTA recordings on your mobile devices - no timing confirmed for this just yet."

Re: Updated DLNA capabilities in latest update UPDATE REQUESTED


Does anyone have an update on this feature?

I bought a big screen TV, mounted it to my wall in front of my treadmill and attached a WD TV, specifically so I could watch the news at night and get some exercise after the kids are in bed, streamed from the Optus box via DLNA. Now the bloody thing won't work, after wasting 4 hours trying to make it work I see here that it's been %$%^&* turned off ?????


iiNet, Internode, Westnet, Netspace, TransACT Vic, and Adam Internet are offering this, OPTUS - YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT IDIOTS - JUST PROVIDE THE FEATURE - BUT, AS YOU ALWAYS DO, JUST DECLINE TO SUPPORT IT.



Can I please have a response as to why it was turned off (was it causing bugs/performance issues?) and why are the reasons it is not being provided again. Obviously all the other ISP's can deal with it.....

Thie app has been available since November 2012, it appears that the app was turned on for Optus May 2013, and off again late last year. How slowly does time travel in Optus land?

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