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Universal Remote for Fetch on a Kogan TV?


There are no codes for a Kogan TV, not even in the long A-Z pdf document that lists all possible tv manufacturer codes. I found an old post on here about Kogan tvs on here and followed those instructions and it didn't work. I've contacted tech support and they didn't know or understand what to do - they couldn't figure it out.


What do I do?


Re: Universal Remote for Fetch on a Kogan TV?


I wouldn't normally suggest this but I'd go directly to Fetch (they're their own company Optus just resell the products). They're the ones that make the decisions around which brangs they will and won't support and likely have fielded this question many times so if there's a work around, they'll know about it.


I think they have a Facebook page so I'd start there. 

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