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Unable to redeem Optus Samsung Netflix Offer


Hi troops - Netflix tells me my account is not eligible for gift codes - so I've been unable to redeem the Optus Samsung Netflix offer. I'm on Netflix's standard HD plan for $11.99 which I pay through Google Play using Paypal. I've read through a couple of other message boards but was unable to see the solution when Netflix says you're not eligible. Has anyone else been able to work through this problem?



Re: Unable to redeem Optus Samsung Netflix Offer


I had a similar issue where I had the same message.

Turne dout my account was still a US based netflix account, so the Australian code provided did not work.


$11.99 Standard HD is A$13.99/month so yours must be $11.99 USD plan hence the issue.


You will need to contact netflix support for this and explain the issue.

Pretty much they cancel the US subscription and you start up with one in Australian Dollars.

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Re: Unable to redeem Optus Samsung Netflix Offer


Thanks Paddylee - based onyour advice, I cancelled my existing US-based Netflix subscription and created a new one using a different email address. The Optus Samsung Netflix 12 month free subscription was accepted. All quite easy. 

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