Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Thankyou for buying a product you have don't have the resources to show. This is Egypt v Uruguay, not exactly one of the top billing games and you still can't get a feed without issues.


Please, for the good of the public, allow SBS to show all games on their network. You just aren't up to it.


Long time customer, but will leave once contract is up.

Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Epic fail Optus.

Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


... and Salah wasn't even playing


Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Appalling stream, as usual! Used different browsers, my network sits around 35Mbps download speeds, but the stream is bitty and pixelated, the Egypt v Uruguay stream stopped several times too. Agree, Optus give it up as a bad job and offer the whole World Cup to SBS.


Optus, don't bother pitching for the rights for the English Premier League, I won't be conned paying for another contract, people will leave in droves, if they haven't already. Hand the job back to Foxtel!

Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


such horrible horrible stream quality. It may as well have been a 0 - 0 scoreline because I didnt see any goals scored. 

Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Who else had issues with streaming of the World Cup last night?

This whole issue has come about because our current Liberal Governments Minister for Communications took the World Cup off the "Anti Siphoning List" meaning it is not protected to be shown entirely free to air like it was up until this year.  That is a disgrace for such a cultural World Event .   I brought issues with broadcasting to Optus's attention some weeks ago but no one knew what I was talking about when I warned there will be many people unhappy.  Basically Optus didn't care.  I have lodged complaints to the ACCC and the Ombudsmen for Telecommunications and I plead as many people as possible to also do so if you are not 100% satisfied with the broadcasting ie. drop outs occuring.   The more people that do so the more likely it will be that the World Cup will go back on the anti siphoning list so SBS will be able to broadcast it entirely again free to air in the future.  


I hope as many people as possible leave Optus over this.  They have won the bid for broadcast rights a long time ago with making money as the key aim.  Yet not willing to deliver the goods with guarantee.     So far it's been a relatively  low key match that has caused issues which Optus says was due to unexpected number of viewers ????????   What will happen in knock out stage of tournament ????? 

Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Hey @ajk73, I've responded to your other thread here

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Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


We've got the worst internet in the 1st world and yet are resigned to watching the world cup on our mobile's or laptop.

This costa rica game wont load, I just get the blue circle of death. 

Aust and NZ the only countries in the world where bein or espn or sky sports aren't showing the biggest sporting spectacle. We must be a joke to them.


Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Very well said. This is a complete joke and very frustrating. I thought Vodafail were bad but this is worse.

Please Optus you would get so much more customer support if you did put your hand up and admit your service is not able to support what you are charging for.

Re: Thanks Optus for ruining the World Cup


Absolutly pathetic, that is the only way to describe it! I had to "start again" 4 times in the second half of Mexico vs Germany and this was the least trouble broadcast! Get your act together Optus!

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