TV on Yes TV by Fetch - What is it?


Hi All, this may be a silly question, but I have just taken over my parents net and phone bill and I cannot for the life of me understand what TV on Yes TV by Fetch is? Can someone please explain what it is in simple terms or what it does?

Thank you in advance.

Re: TV on Yes TV by Fetch - What is it?


Is that what appears in the bill? What $ value is listed?


FetchTV is the PVR (Media Box) Optus provides to watch/record Live FTA TV and also stream TV from the internet (Optus Sport, Netflix, CatchUp TV)


Their are two type (Mighty and Mini) Usually the cost of the box is part of your plan, but extra units etc. can cost more. Optus may also show a charge for the box and a credit down lower on the billto equal $0 in total. 


Optus usually provide one free Fetch TV pack (bunch of channels). You can switch between packs any time on the unit itself (just unsubscribe first before resubscribing). They usually cost $6 each or an ultimate pack for $20. Again Optus will bill them and then show a credit.


Peter Gillespie


PS Your parents never own the Fetch PVR. It must be returned (Optus will arrange it) if you leave Optus.

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