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New Contributor Ianrm
New Contributor

TED on fetch TV

Just got the update on Fetch tv that includes TED (a part of utube which includes a lot of hardware reviews etc etc) I’ve been able to long in on iPhone app, but none of the stuff seems to sync with the fetch mighty, even tho it claimed to be syncing. Can save most utube videos that are of interest on iPhone  and they appear almost instantly on fetch box, but can’t see anything I’ve saved to “watch later” on fetch box, later on on my iPhone. I have a ( maybe wrong one) TED app on iPhone that I’m logged onto it but doesn’t seem to show content at all that I see on fetch.

Any tutorials about TED? Have not had a lot to do with utube in the past. I realise TED is new on fetch. Cheers

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: TED on fetch TV

The TED app doesn’t sync like “YouTube” does.

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