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What is the streaming quality for the EPL and how will it be for the worldcup . Is it HD 720 or 1080. Is there any difference using the mirroring from an older generation apple TV, comparing with the 4th gen apple tv with the optus sports app already downloaded on the apple tv.


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Hey Nagla, I believe it's HD 720. So long as your Apple TV support 720, there should be no issues. 

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Thank you very much for your response, my question is how can I get higher quality; such as HD 1080, and also more important what about the World cup, will it be also broadcasted via the lower quality 720 HD Or are you planning for higher resolution.


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At this stage all streaming is a max of 720, only satellite customers can receive 1080.

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It's never 720p. Its been months and it's still below par. 

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