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im trying to watch Catch-Up TV through Fetch but it keeps coming up with “Streaming issue - Please check Internet”.


There is nothing wrong with my internet as I’m also on Facebook in my laptop?



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i had the same problem i reset my modem and it helped for a while.


if it happens on the weekend its just the nbn is too busy



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Hi Finno140 - we've had customers experience similar issues in the past. Please view this thread here for more information. It seems this has been resolved by soft resetting your Fetch TV box. Follow these instructions here to soft reset your Fetch TV box. 

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Hi 1800th


thank you for your help 😀

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try going to Menu > Manage > Settings > Device Info > Fetch Restart


Re: Streaming Issue


Thanks for helping


Re: Streaming Issue


If the issue is with a streaming channel, do the following:

  1. Change to another streaming channel for 10 seconds. Switch back to your original channel and wait 30 seconds for the picture to return

  2. Test your stream quality by pressing Info on your remote

If your stream quality is still poor, or the problem is not a streaming channel, go to the next step.


  1. Stop any additional Fetch downloads by going to Menu > Manage > Settings > Downloads

  2. Reduce other internet usage in your home

If the issues persist, go to the next step.


Turn off your modem and your Fetch box at the power point and unplug both for 30 seconds. Plug them both back in.

Wait for the modem to reconnect and show a stable pattern of lights, then turn on the Fetch box and wait for it to establish a stable connection. visit the Showbox app Download Official Website

If the picture problems persist, go to the next step.


sing a computer or other device connected to your home broadband, test your internet speed at

The Download speed must be at least 4Mbps to support a standard definition stream on Fetch. It will need to be higher to support additional internet activity or additional Fetch Multiroom streams


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