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Stereo sound from optical audio out port doesn't always work.

There seems to some issue with stereo sound output from the optical port on the latest "Yes TV by Fetch Mighty" box.
When you select "stereo" via the fetch box audio settings its still outputs a 5.1 signal when playing movies from the "movie store". The movies in movie store have only "5.1" symbol on info screen, presumably they have only 5.1 audio track, and not stereo. 
This leads to a no audio situation if you have a non 5.1 stereo equipment attached via the optical output.
IMHO this should be treated as a bug and fixed via engineering team. If output is selected as "stereo" and not "5.1" in the setting menu then the output signal should always be stereo, regardless of source. If it needs to be converted from 5.1 to stereo then this should be handled by the unit.
The other less favourable workaround option would be to include stereo track in addition to 5.1 track as selectable option when playing movies from "movie store" section. 
Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a known issue that can/will be fixed in future update?
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Re: Stereo sound from optical audio out port doesn't always work.

Hey @TikTok, I haven't had this kind of trouble myself but I do get how frustrating it'd be 😞

If you still need a hand with this, you can check out our troubleshooting guides HERE.

Failing these steps, recommend getting in touch with our Fetch Faults crew directly so we can take a closer look - you can chat with us HERE. 

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