Stan 5.1 Dolby on Fetch gen2


Hi, having issues with reciving 5.1 dolby sound on Stan when available for a movie, I only receive Multichannel PCM.

No similar issues with Netflix or free to air TV on Fetch, 5.1 is received when available.

All audio settings on box are correct with 5.1 selected.

Any thoughts??

Re: Stan 5.1 Dolby on Fetch gen2


Are you using HDMI or optical? I had a similar issue and the optical link seemed to fix the issue. My Fetch TV is connected via HDMI (video) and Opital (audio).

Re: Stan 5.1 Dolby on Fetch gen2


Link is HDMI, strange how there are no issues with other aps and free to air with 5.1


Re: Stan 5.1 Dolby on Fetch gen2


I am having the same issue. Fetch STU connected to TV directly via HDMI and Optical Cable from Fetch STU to a Sony Soundbar. I recieve Dolby Digital 5.1 when using Netflix and also corresponding free to air channels. However, when I stream Stan the sound is LPCM. I have checked settings on both STU and via Stan and these are correct. 


Any suggestions?

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