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Hi guys, I am currently in the process of shopping for a new TV and have read some people talk about them having issues with their Sony TV and Fetch.


Is this isolated to some models of the Sony TV being incompatible with certain Fetch set top boxes? Or this is a broader issue?


I have GEN-2 set top box.

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There's definitely no reported issues on our end in regards to this. It should work like any other HDMI device. What issues have you heard of exactly? 

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My Sony TV works fine with Fetch but I cannot get any 5.1 surround sound out of my Marantz receiver even though I have set it to 5.1 surround sound in settings. This is not a fault with TV though not sure what it is.

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Apparently there is am issue with some Sony 4k Tvs


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That's certainly interesting @mikeyjames2. I've not heard anything about this on our end and I would hope that in the time since that was posted, that the Fetch team has been working hard to rectify it. Some in that thread have mentioned a hard reboot of the box after using it for the first time rectifies the syncing issues, although I would put it down to HDMI cable quality. I know they're all the same out of the box but it may be worth investing in a new one that hasn't done the rounds.

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