Slow and buffering netflicks


Its impossible to watch Netflix and presto as Internet keeps buffering every 2 or 3 minutes. Its so annoying. Been happening for 4 to 5 weeks or more. 

Not happy with the service how can optus charge people for a service when it is not delivering what i pay for. 

Can i have some answers please.

I live in parkwood on the gold coast.

Re: Slow and buffering netflicks


Hey Neale, apologise for the slow speed that you've been getting! Sounds annoying Smiley Sad

What kind of speed are you getting via Ethernet currently? Is it only via Wi-Fi that you're experiencing problems? Are you streaming from your mobile/tablet or via the Fetch?

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Re: Slow and buffering netflicks


It is both through wifi on our phones and the tv was hooked up through the d link adapters got sick of it so now i have a ethernet cable running through kitchen into lounge room to watch on tv but still we have buffering. I have rung optus to no answers just a sorry. Thats not good when i am paying for a servive that keep failing. I have been with optus with my phone plans for over 20 years ...  Loyalty gets you no where these days .......


Re: Slow and buffering netflicks


Is performance over Ethernet better? What speeds are you getting? You can do them here so that the results are linked to your account. Are the slows mainly in the evenings or at all hours of the day? Did you have any fault reference numbers we could look into?

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