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New Contributor Mooro1966
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Satellite tv Optus sport

Cannot change channels on Optus sport via satellite, nothing works using remote control

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Re: Satellite tv Optus sport

Hi Mooro1966,

Please see our help and support page: Optus Sport troubleshooting by device

My Satellite STB is not responding to the remote control:

  • Have you tried new batteries?
  • Have you pressed the STB button on the remote?
  • Are you using the remote within six metres of the STB?
  • Are there any objects between the remote and the STB?
  • For Gen 2 STB: Do you have more than one Gen2 STB?
    • If yes, check the top left of your remote if the light is flashing Green when a key pressed, it means your remote is paired to a STB in RF4CE mode. Then you can’t use this remote control for any other STB that is not paired to.
    • To de-pair remote and STB manually, hold the Pause and Blue keys for 5 seconds, and the light should flash red when a key pressed (IR mode now)

Set-top box satellite rescan

Some set-top box issues can easily be resolved with a satellite re-scan. A satellite re-scan will make the set-top box search for all services available.

Gen 1 STB: The satellite re-scan option can be found by navigating to:

  • Advanced options
  • Installation Setup
  • Press OK on Satellite Rescan to re-scan the set top box

Gen 2 STB: The satellite re-scan option can be found by navigating to:

  • Settings
  • Installation (PIN: 1234)
  • Dish Installation
  • Press OK on Start Scan

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