29/3 STB stopped working i ring and am told will have one end of next week when i ask for Credit for inconvience i am told getting new box FREE my reply I DON'T GET BOX I DON'T PAY then i get credit 6/4 Friday no box arrives ring again am told order hasn't been processed yet should be done by TUESDAY am given a Tracking Number again i ask for credit for inconvience again i am told getting new box FREE by now i am Not a Happy Camper so i very abruptly say As if i would pay for a new box it's an OPTUS box it's not working so if they want me as a customer OPTUS replace their box then i get a credit How wrong are OPTUS to expect Customers to pay for replacement equipment that is faulty and then use the 'BUT IT'S FOR FREE' line to worm out of giving Customers Credit for the Inconvience of their faulty equpiment 


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With Consumer Law generally you can select a refund or replacement for a major fault. 


As you are paying nothing for the box then a replacement would seem to be the most logical choice.


You can in theory also claim for foreseeable out of pocket expenses directly relating to the faulty good, however you can't claim for general irritaion or missing your favourite show.




Peter Gillespie



You fair dinkum I pay for a Sevice if for some reason i am denied that service through no fault of my own then i am not paying for that service and the point being made to me WAS be grateful OPTUS are upgrading your BROKEN BOX for FREE and that is the issue here the STB stopped working I was told 5 days now it looks like 14 DAYS AND YOU THINK I SHOULD PAY FOR THAT 14 DAYS WHEN I AM NOT GETTING WHAT I AM PAYING FOR.  If your going to offer advice put a bit of thought in to it




Thought or not, the advice is correct. 


However arking up can some times get results too, so you might get a $10 credit if you keep at it (not here though, you'd need to keep contacting customer service and complaining)


Good luck


Peter Gillespie




100% agreed with @petergdownload , 


That is a fair call, you might ask for Optus to credit the access fee for the fetch box subscription for the days that you missed out on your favorite shows. How much are you paying for your Fetch box subscription? Oh, Its FREE, another word $0 per day for access, if my maths is correct $0 x 14 days = $0 credit. 


Look, electrical things get damage, they eventually will fail. When it does, most manufactor or supplier will do the right thing and provide you with a reasonable remedy. Optus is providing you with a replacement at early as possible, you can't expect an instant delivery. There are give and take in life and having an positive attitude to solving an issue goes a long way. You can scream at everything thats go wrong or you can work things out. 

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