STB delay return fee


Wow what a shock to see I have been charged $181 x2 for not returning my 2 broken fetch TV boxes.

The paper work I have tells me to send it back via placing in the satchel and contacting the courier to collect the package on a date and time that works for you.  Nothing tells me I have a due back date or fees will apply and considering I have had a family emergancy there hasn't been a day and time that suits me as yet for me to be able to wait at home for the courier. 

My complaints are:

1. Our fetch box had a hardware fault so we called and was told a new box would be sent, a week later the box arrived and worked for one day then had the same fault.  After calling again another box was being sent out.  All up we were without fetch TV for  2 weeks and still charged for the service we couldn't use!


2.  I have been an optus customer for all my products for over 12 years, but no one from your company can send me a friendly reminder that our broken fetch boxes (not like they are any good to me) needed returning ASAP or a late fee will apply.  A letter, email, phone call or text message (you have all these details as I have all my accounts with you) would have been the customer service I would expect from you to a loyal customer 


3.  No where in the paperwork or in the phone converstaion was I told I needed to return the fetch boxes within a time frame or fees apply. 


4.  When the second box arrived the courier refused to take the other package I had ready to go becuase someone else would have to pick it up.


I fully understand I need to return the Boxes they are packaged ready to go, but being in and out of hosptial leading to a death in my family has out weighed the importance of a broken fetch top box.  A friendly reminder would have jolted my memory and I would have asked a friend to help me out.

Thanks for the heafty bill it's the last thing we needed right now!!!!!




Re: STB delay return fee


Sorry for the loss. 


Unfortunately (all) corporations will keep up with the daily grind of billing etc. but it should be easy to rectify. 


You've tripped an automated system that bills as you have been. Its also in place because many people leave Optus but decide to keep the Fetch box, so again a straight forward automatic payment process.


There are references to needing to return the box in a specified time frame (2 months?) dotted around the internet and in the fine print but their obscure enough that I wouldn't expect anyone to actually know of them. 


I agree that Optus could do better on the heads up - for one thing putting the time frame on the paperwork you get sent with the courier details would be easy enough. Or a simple email a week or two before the due date isn't that hard to arrange? I believe the Fetch boxes are largely managed by Fetch TV. (You're returning the box to Fetch, not Optus). So perhaps the system of communicating who has doen what (customer, Optus, Fetch, etc.) isn't all that straight forward.


The good news is it should be fairly straight forward to fix. Fetch just want the boxes back, so you'll need to contact Optus directly and confirm what you need to do to send them back (you've got all the courier packaging now?). Once they get there you should get a credit on your bill next month.




Peter Gillespie

Re: STB delay return fee


Thanks for the reply,  they are quick on the charge it hasn't even been 2 months yet.  I will call optus tomorrow


Re: STB delay return fee


Two months was my guess - as you say its difficult to get a proper reference - I think Optus like to downplay the fact you don't actually own the Fetch box.


Interestingly enough Optus do have a dedicated bereavement department - you likely won't need them but presumably they'd have a more sympathetic approach to sorting out issues like this.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

Re: STB delay return fee


Im glad this isnt an isolated issue, I nearly choked when i just opened my bill and was being charged $181 for the late return of my STB. This whole experience has been the worst and most embarrassing experience (for Optus). We were without any optus TV for 9 days after our STB broke and they endeavoured to send a new one, took 2 days of constant phone calls to get it installed properly and now i get stuck with this ? 


Im hoping and expecting an optus rep to contact me and rectify this as ive had an absolute gutfull and am quote happy to cut all optus services and move to a company that knows a little about customer service


Kristian molnar

Re: STB delay return fee


@Odyssey - Really sorry about the delay in getting back to you there - our teams have been under the pump lately with higher than anticipated service levels and we're trying to get back to everyone as quickly as possible. Since this post have you had a chance to chat to someone who was able to look into this for you?


With regards to the non- return / late fee, I can confirm that this is outlined as part of our Critical Information Summary here:

Yes TV by Fetch set top box: Optus owns the set top box, and you must return it following cancellation of the service. Fees apply for late return or damage to the set top box.


I do apologise if the instructions regarding the set top box return wasn't clear however. If you're still needing a hand with this please chat to us here so we can get that looked into for you.

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