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STB Return Delay Fee Reversal?

My Fetch STB broke a while back. I have not returned the broken STB. I received a $181 charge for not doing so. Ok, it's probably buried in the T&C's about a charge. However, I would expect better communication and customer service from an organisation such as Optus. The way you handle this currently is nonsensical in regard to customer service. For instance, the letter you send with the replacement STB should simply state that 'a charge of $181 will be applicable if the set top box is not returned by x date'. Follow that up with maybe a warning email or something. Seriously guys, that's basic common sense and decent. People lead busy lives and have better things to do than prioritise returning faulty equipment. I recommend you implement basic initiatives, including those mentioned above, which will avoid alienating customers.


To my question: if I return the broken set box will the charge in question be reversed? I would appreciate a response from an Optus team member. I tried to call you today but was told I would be on hold for 30 minutes after going through 5 minutes of menus. I had to hang up due to other commitments. Hence I am now spending more time trying to get an answer on this 'ask the crowd' service. A tad frustrating! You make enough money to hire an army of additional call centre staff! Smiley Frustrated


Also, to avoid paying any fees to you late, I always have my account paid in advance via scheduled automatic payments. I now have an outstanding amount owing due to this 'set top box' fee. I would be very dissapointed to receive any further fees in regard to this outstanding amount.



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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: STB Return Delay Fee Reversal?

Appreciate that this would be pretty annoying and I apologise if the fee information wasn't communicated earlier 😞

If you return the Fetch unit, the non-return fee would absolutely be credited back onto your account.

Please PM me with your account number, full name, DOB and where you'd like it sent so I can organise a return satchel for you.

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