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New Contributor StephenDB73
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Returning Fetch Box from overseas

I have been dealing with incompetent DoDo to get my fetch box returned. As I have relocated to New Zealand and need to return my Fetch TV Mighty equipment and cannot use Australia post so desperately need a return address via international postage.

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Re: Returning Fetch Box

And Optus fits in here how?


The Fetch boxes have to be returned to the RSP who provided them to you. They can't be sent direct to Fetch and Fetch don't actually own them. 


I can only suggest you contact a friend here in Oz. Just send the box to them using whatever postage you want. Then arrange for dodo? to provide a OzPost code your friend can use. If you want PM me and send it to my address and I'll pop it in the post.


Note you can generally just send the remote and fetch box. Cables and Cardboard box are generally optional. 


Peter Gillespie

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Returning Fetch Box

A very kind offer, Peter!

I am/was unsure if the OP was referring to DoDo the company or a name for a person that have dealt with at Optus.

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Re: Returning Fetch Box

Smiley Very Happy


Might even be Telstra given how sensitive they are to things going extinct and Empires Ending Smiley Happy


Peter gillespie