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Replacement Fetch TV box and Remote


Please i need to replace both my fetch TV box and the remote. The box has been showing "critical hardware failure error...." for over two weeks now and i have been unable to restart it. The remote also takes forever to connect with the box, i have had both for more than five years,. I did speak to a service rep yesterday and he mentioned my account is in an old system that wasnt available yesterday that i should ring back today. i have been ringing since morning and not able to speak to anyone. Please help


Re: Replacement Fetch TV box and Remote


The critical hardware failure means it needs to be replaced, so speak to Fetch TV support to get it done on 133 937

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Re: Replacement Fetch TV box and Remote


Fetch boxes are leased (you never own them). As such Optus is required to keep them fully operational and replace them if they become faulty (they'll send a satchel out to send the old one back in for free) 


There's no need to change plans to get it replaced or to pay any upgrade fee as Optus is contractually obligated to provide the functionality. Hopefully it should just be a call to the centre as JP says and you'll be up and running again soon (although without your recordings I'm afraid Smiley Sad)


Peter Gillespie

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