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When I searched for Remote replacement the suggestion was to go to Live Chat.

Did this only to be told to go to a shop. Could not even get a price.  Live chat? No help whatsoever.

Re: Replace Fetch Remote


Optus stores don't carry replacement remotes so the advice on Live Chat was wrong. 


I'd try Live Chat again and hope you get to speak to someone a bit more competent. 

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Re: Replace Fetch Remote


Hey @Katobeagle, I'm sorry you were advised to head into a store, that's definitely not what's required. LiveChat can order a replacement remote to be sent out to you, please try again and let us know if you experience any further difficulty. 

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Contacted Live Chat once again. Was told to go to shop. I asked if I should be asking elsewhere and was told. “This the right place and we give you correct information.”   Looks like my next step is to go to the shop. Presumably they will send me away and I’ll be back to square one.  Thank goodness contract hasn’t much longer to run.  We can use mobile remote but my wife has difficulty with that.

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Sorry @Katobeagle, I'll pass feedback onto the LiveChat team about this. Can you please send me a PM with the below info so that I can look into ordering a replacement remote for you?


Account holder's name:

Your name:

4 digit account PIN:

Account # or optusnet username:


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Hi - personally I'd highly recommend getting a learning remote eg Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 650 from Officeworks for $69, or for under $50 if you shop around. Actually, have it for $59.95 delivered. If you've never bought anything from them you can curently add $20 or more worth of other stuff to the order to get it over $79 then use the "Amazon20" code to get $20 off the order.


Why use something like this? It means you can have one remote that controls multiple devices. I have the the 650 for the tv in the bedroom, but in the living room I have the more expensive version that has the hub - the remote talks RF to the hub that then in turn sends the IR signals to the devices like fetch, the tv, blu ray player etc - which means it doesn't matter if someone walks in front of you when you press a button ie the remote does not need line of sight to the device it's controlling.

Re: Replace Fetch Remote


Appreciate all the info.  My wife is old school and is not great with remotes in general.  Multi device type wouldn’t be an option for her.

Thanks for taking the time.

Re: Replace Fetch Remote


Hi there.

I sent you a PM.  Did you see that?

Have you been able to obtain anymore information?




Can I call somebody within Australia to get this sorted out.  I do not want to try to make somebody at an overseas help desk understand what I need.

Re: Replace Fetch Remote


Sorry for the delay @Katobeagle


I've just replied back to your PM. We'll continue chatting there. 


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