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I’ve recently rented two movies from the fetch movie store Mile 22 and Hunter killer both times it say rental approved but when I go to start it says starting download and the wording for starting download turns light grey and nothing happens but I notice my rental time is ticking down 

Cheers in advance 

Re: Rental from movie store


 Good afternoon @Morrisey, I just wanted to check in see how things?

Did you manage to successfully download the rental, or has rental since expired?


For these kinds of issues, I'll always first suggest performing a soft reset of your Fetch set top box.

If that hasn't worked and you've been unable to watch the rental, try us on Live Chat and we'll be able to arrange a refund for the purchases. 


Personal → Select the service your Fetch STB is attached to (Mobile, or Home Phone, Broadband or NBN) → Technical issues (for troubleshooting, or General & Billing for refund enquiries).  


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