Really slow service for Fetch TV


Gday is anyone else getting really poor service signing up to the entertainment package? Received an email 11 days ago saying the order is being processed - heard nothing since. Spoke to my local Optus store who kindly rang Optus who advised that it hadn't been processed yet and would be another 7-10 days! 

I have tried ringing Optus but can't get through to a human so asking questions here...

Disappointed with the customer service to say the least...

Re: Really slow service for Fetch TV




We are facing the same problem. Its been now more than 2 weeks and when I called up the customer support today, they told me the previous order was cancelled. I have been following up with them for some time now and each time they come up with some excuses. Today I was told that they have shortage of boxes and that's why it has been delayed. I was assured that a new order will be placed and I would receive the box in 10-15 days !!! However I didn't receive a order number. Guess, I'll have to keep calling them.


Truly regret going with optus, pathetic customer service. 


When you call them up, you'd get a standard response saying an SMS would be sent, don't hang up, hold on for a few seconds, you'd be asked if you would like to speak to their executive. Hope this helps 



Re: Really slow service for Fetch TV


Thanks for letting me know your experience and the tip to hang on the end to speak to a human, will keep trying!

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