Plex client on fetch box


Hi, wondering if there's any chance of a plex client ever happening. Have used the dlna set up on the fetch box mighty, but it's awful and glitchy

Sometimes it won't proceed after a a selection and now it won't play with sound. 

Also, Bluetooth support for wireless headphones would be great. Is it possible to do it? 


Re: Plex client on fetch box


The Fetch Box doesn't change very often. I'd suggest those changes are pretty unlikely any time soon but who knows. Can't hurt to ask.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Plex client on fetch box


Agreed, they don't change often. I'd probably direct your feedback to Fetch directly rather than Optus. I think Optus have some influence over Fetch but Fetch would ultimately make the decision

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

Re: Plex client on fetch box


C'mon optus. Get Plex app for fetch. 



Re: Plex client on fetch box




Plex and/or Kodi would round off what is one of the better PVRs on the market IMO.


Until then, I just have the seperate android box that I have to switch to.


You might want to request it on the Fetch Website too as they do most of the development. Optus just buys the boxes.


Peter Gillespie

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