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I assume you have heard this many many times, but please! Pass on the message that optus sport needs an app on the playstation 4 I know there is one for the Xbox so ffs get one for the ps4 so i don't have to just watch it on my little laptop screen! Not worth my money otherwise come on people its been more than 2 whole god damn years, And NO I will not pay over $500 for a fetch tv. Get it together the community has been asking this since the inception of your Hikacking of the EPL

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$50 for Chromecast dongle?



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Probably the best suggestion by @Davelew.


Are you paying $15 a month for optus Sport now?


Or perhaps grab a mini for 6 months free (All games are now on demand so no need to record them) - Not sure if this offer would work if you don't already have a Fetch Mighty but I suspect Optus are more concerned with not giving out a cheap mini than ensuring you have at least two units.


You could also just buy a refurbished unit from Fetch direct for $129. It won't play Optus free Fetch packs but should let you watch the EPL


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