Optus the worst FIFA partner


Optus sport and Optus the worst FIFA partners ever!!!! And they say they have fastest network they can’t even handle live streaming on their own app!!!! I am loosing out on all games!!!!

Re: Optus the worst FIFA partner


I don't think Optus is a FIFA partner.
Optus bought the rights from SBS.


I am not defending Optus, but just wanted to clarify that.

Re: Optus the worst FIFA partner


Usian Bolt needs to give us a refund. Bloody disgraceful w/cup coverage. 


Re: Optus the worst FIFA partner


Seeing as though Optus has failed and continues to fail to broadcast the World Cup adequetly , please everyone get in touch with the ACCC  - 1300 302 502    ,   the Ombudsman for telecommunications 1800 062 058,   and

The Hon Mitch Fifield - Minister for Communications (who took the World Cup off the Broadcasting Anti Siphoning list for complete free to air broadcasting, hence Optus having exclusive rights for all 64 matches)  -   (02) 6277 7480.


This should get things moving.  If not immediately at least hopefully next World Cup will be back to being completely free to air on technology that works !!

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