Optus start another EPL sh*tstorm


We asked for months if we would get free EPL next season.
Eventualy (2 weeks ago) they tell us yes, on any $80 plan. It states this on the website also.

Today everyone with an $80 plan gets a demand for an extra $15 a month to get EPL.
What they forgot to tell us, is that only new plans, for $80 a month, get free EPL.
If you have last years rate of $80, you now have to go above $85 a month to get free EPL, so you have to find something extra worth buying, and recontract to qualify.
Cue another 1 million complaints from people, 3 weeks before the season starts, that have now been told their package is invalid.
If you want to shoot yourself in the foot, Optus are the experts - talk to them.

If this is a precedent, then what's stopping them wanting more before the World Cup? There's no stipulation from Optus that this increase happens every season, we just think that. They could move the goalposts every day if they want to.

Re: Optus start another EPL sh*tstorm


I agree Optus have probably come out pretty badly with the EPL. 


They paid a LOT for the rights and its unlikely the return has come near to justifying the expense (although they don't release user figures etc.) But I don't think Optus are too concerned about that. With the slow arrival of the NBN Telcos are repositioning themselves as Content Providers so the EPL was a strong shot in that direction. That the image quality and reliability was pretty woeful was no doubt part of the learning curve.


Optus do need to make some return on the money spent and just increasing customer numbers (by people wanting the EPL specifically) would never be enough. I'm happy enough they're splitting this cost out on a user pays basis now. Otherwise Optus plan charges overall would need to go up and I have no interest in subsidising someone else's wish to watch soccer.


FWIW the contract people sign works both ways so Optus will be obligated to show a years worth of EPL (for free) for people signing up. HOwever you're probably correct that there's nothing saying the $15 a month can't be changed at anytime now although even optus couldn't be so silly as to jack up the price at finals time?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus start another EPL sh*tstorm


Hey @flippinheck,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


I can certainly understand your frustration. 


We do have an eligibility checker which customers can check their plan on.


Previously we included the 2016/2017 EPL season.


Our new plans include Optus Sports for the contract term.


You're welcome to PM me with your account details, full name and date of birth and I can look further into this to find the best plan for you.


I'll certainly pass both your feedback and @petergdownload's on to our EPL team.



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