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New Contributor DiegoMessi
New Contributor

Optus sport via satellite

Hello, I signed up to optus sport initially to watch the World Cup (let's not talk about that) but also to watch the EPL. Optus now have rights to the UEFA Champions League. My internet connection is with Optus NBN and I use Fetch box to stream EPL and Champions League. My connection is nearly alway fine so is not the problem. The quality of EPL games, however, is very inconsistent. I can watch a Mini game (great initiative BTW) with rubbish quality. ie it looks like there are several balls flying through the air when Milner passes to Salah only to play the full version and it is perfectly fine. Or visa versa. These are the types of problems that drive the viewer nuts. And never (NEVER) is a problem watching La Liga on Foxtel via Satellite. So I would like to know if getting Optus via Satellite is as good as Satellite with Foxtel and has anyone had any experience using Optus Satellite. Don't really want another Satellite dish on my roof with the added expence but streamed Optus sport in my experience is substandard to say the least.

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