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I’ve read the past forums on mirroring Optus sport from a phone/tablet onto the tv using Chromecast, however my TV comes built in with Miracast (which seems to be similar to Chromecast). So my question is has anyone had any luck steaming from their phone/tablet directly onto their tv using Miracast? I’m looking to buy a tablet (as my iPhone doesn’t recognize Miracast) to stream onto my tv however I don’t want to fork out the money if Optus doesn’t allow for the streaming of games via this method. 



Re: Optus sport via Miracast


It's not officially supported by Optus but it might work. Personally, if you're going to be buying a tablet anyway I'd suggest you spend that money on a chromecast instead (about $50 or $60) as this is supported by Optus.


My concern with Miracast is that you'll get poor quality sending it from your phone to the TV where as chromecast by passes your phone and pulls the feed directly from Optus Sport servers. 

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