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Occasional Contributor Stevef51
Occasional Contributor

Optus sport quality sucks

Honestly Optus!! I pay for Optus sport to stream EPL live or replays and almost every time I have issues streaming either in very poor quality video, it freezing altogether or not even able to start it.  I have NBN, 100mbps and regularly stream HD Netflix and Stan without a single hitch, yet Optus sport still can't get its act together, I made complaints about this last season and ended up with my monthly fee being waived - I don't mind paying the fee, just give me what I am paying for!  So, on my Mac Chrome browser streaming the EPL over my 100mbp NBN connection will regulary switch (every 60 seconds or so) between crystal clear full HD and lowest quality picture imagineable where I can't tell which player is which and can't see the ball at all, then it will freeze - mostly when it freezes it never recovers and requires a refresh of the browser.  So I know the Optus App for some reason will give a much better picture, so I fire up the App on my iPhone 6, wifi connected to same NBN 100mbps network, select my match only for it to repeatedly complain about a "Network error, please try to restart the stream", over and over - so I mess around for 20 minutes, turning iPhone off/on, killing the Optus App and retrying for it to eventually start streaming on the 15th try.  The Optus App looks great but sucks when it comes to stream time usability, don't try and fast forward or rewind to a specific part of the match since the UI is so terribly lagging you have no hope of dragging the marker to right spot, on replays I often try to time jump half time only for the App to fast forward to the end of the match revealing the score.  I was hoping given Optus have had these exact same problems for at least 12 months now that they might have addressed them with better web players and an updated App, but they haven't.  I continue to pay my monthly Optus sport fee but I feel like its barely worth the trouble.  Optus, fix this!

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RetiredModerator Pete

Re: Optus sport quality sucks

Hey Stevef51, this doesn't sound right and I can appreciate your frustrations with this. So we can take a closer look into this, please click → HERE and we'll organise for one of our Optus Sport specialists to call to further investigate. Pete

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Occasional Contributor Dany
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus sport quality sucks

Same here and with others. Optus, your streaming quality is *moderated*. 720p is bollocks, rarely is it above 480p. Get with it, it's 2018 and you're a major telco.


Fix it, offer it in 1080p or give it back to foxtel.


Faults are a lie, your service sucks.

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