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Optus sport data usage, different account

Can anybody confirm if using an optus sport account on a different optus contract phone will incur data charges? 


In other words, I have a paid optus sport account which I use at home, but am not an optus mobile phone customer. My friend is an optus mobile customer but does not have an optus sport account. Can I use my optus sport login on her phone data free? From what I read, I think that it is fine but I can't seem to find a direct answer about this. 



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Re: Optus sport data usage, different account

No Optus Sport data is metered on any Optus device, so it doesn't matter what account you use, if you are watching Optus Sport via an Optus connection, the data will not be measured.


Just make sure you're not using a VPN or anything else that may affect your connection.

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