Optus sport app for ps4

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I am just wondering have you guys got any further with the release of a optus sport app for the ps4 ? 

This is quite ridiculous that there is not one already considering Foxtel now have had an app for all consoles since they released.... also the World Cup is in a few days and I would love to be able to watch it on my ps4 (with the optus sport app) instead of having to go out and fork out extra money on another device such as google chrome to watch it. 

Is there any news you can give us customers? 




Re: Optus sport app for ps4


Zero mention of a PS4 app in all documentation - perhaps its pending approval from Sony (who are pretty strict on releases) or could be another issue such as licensing.



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Re: Optus sport app for ps4


No details on PS4 support @JScala. Just to set the correct expectation, I don't think this will change before the World Cup kicks off. You can access via Chromecast, AppleTV or a browser in addition to the Optus Sport app and Yes TV by Fetch. Some users have connected a laptop via HDMI to their TV as an option

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Re: Optus sport app for ps4


xbox and Fire TV were only released in the last couple of weeks though so that gives me some hope PS4 won't be far off but if the world cup is important to you, I wouldn't bank on the PS4 and have a chromecast ready to go.


That or just HDMI from a laptop if you have 1 handy. 

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Re: Optus sport app for ps4


Still is there work ongoing for this too change?



Re: Optus sport app for ps4


@Thrmos, are you referring to changes or updates to the Xbox one Optus Sport app? 




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Re: Optus sport app for ps4


As the title of the thread is "Optus sport app for ps4" I am just highlighting the support for the Xbox platform but not the PlayStation. This seems like an oversight for the third Premier League season on Optus plus with the extended lineup, this should be on the cards? 

Re: Optus sport app for ps4


I doubt that this will become an option.

I had this same problem & found that the easiest way to watch Optus sport on TV was to connect a laptop via HDMI to the TV & broadcast matches that way. 


Re: Optus sport app for ps4


Since they got the OPTUS Sport app on XBOX - They should of by now released an application for Playstation - Streaming is the future !!! I thought Optus was BYOD friendly Smiley Very Happy


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