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New Contributor
New Contributor

Optus sport app design

A question for the Optus sport app developer make provision for making or adding a play list,,,,(YouTube) so as to be able to add and play one after another the short video clips or mini matches that are available. Very fustrating having to click on a One minute Thirty second video clip and then click on another video clip when the first clip has finished, too time consuming so I tend not to watch them, which seems like a waste of potentially good content. Thoughts?

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Optus sport app design

You know what @Halffull, I really like the idea.


That's really good point, given the amount of content that's available it seems natural to implement a playlist like feature.

I'll send the team an email with your feedback. I can't promise an immediate response, but I'm sure we'll get something eventually. 

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