Optus no complaints process


It seems that Optus has customer issues for which there is no solution.

6 weeks ago my fetch box broke down and I phoned Optus. they said no problem, I had been a longstanding customer and the box was on its way. 3 weeeks later still nothing, so Irang and they said: checked in the computer and the box is still underway (I live in center Perth). Because I was such a loyal customer and the plans had become cheaper, if I would sign up for another 2 years service i could lower my monthly bill from 140 $ to 115 $. Asked again about my Fetch Box, but was definitely on the way. Stupid me signed up with Optus again.

One week after that, still no Ferch box, so phoned for the 3rd time. This time whole different story: box was never sent and operator did not know what went wrong, but escalated as he said to the supervisor. Fine supervisors they have at Optus apparently, because again nothing happened. One week after that in desperation I phoned again. same story again, now definitely on its way by courier, could take max 2-3 days to metro Perth.

Today 6 weeks later, no fetch box anywhere and I am paying for a service I do not have since 6 weeks.


Optus: hopeless. Should never have trusted the lady who told me the box was on its way and talked into signing up to their bundle of homephoen, brioadband and Fetch for another 2 years. Be warned !

Re: Optus no complaints process


Really sorry to hear of your recent experience hotkiwi Smiley Sad That's defintely how we'd like our customers to feel about interacting with us. Please use this link to send your info through to us & we'll be in touch to rectify the issues. Thanks!

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