Optus customers love Stranger Things

The latest season of Netflix’s hugely popular series – Stranger Things – caused a noticeable spike in our network data usage when it was initially released.

There is usually a reduction in data usage during the school holidays as businesses slow down and people go away. However, this year our total data usage along the Eastern states went up by 6% and our Netflix data usage went up by 20% across the five days immediately after the release of Stranger Things Season three. Interestingly, local Netflix user numbers in Queensland spiked by 30%, suggesting people away on holidays were catching up on the show too!

Our network is robust enough to deal with spikes like this and we didn’t have any issues with the traffic. Our Networks team have state of the art tools and dashboards that monitor our network that will enable us to understand what drives data usage spikes and improve a localised user experience. This means that we can shape the experience by increasing capacity where needed. We anticipate more and bigger spikes in data usage as low latency gaming and other experiences like AR and VR become more prevalent.

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