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This is going to be a shambles.


- Available on fetch but you need to have home phone or broadband or mobile with optus to get that

- Mobile app that you guessed it only works on your phone and prob need to be an optus customer for that too.

- Online streeming, if your internet is good enough and you have unlimited plans.

- Your pub will have options too but wont pay for Optus and foxtel so will be very hard to find a pub that actually has it.

- Kicking off in Aug but the season kicks off on the 6th Aug, are Optus going to be ready by then?

- SBS showing one game a week, which is great however with 20 teams in the epl you might see your team once every 10 weeks if your lucky.


There must be a better way... get rid of this 'exclusive rights' to any sport (or any program for that matter) and bring in some compitition


Re: Optus and the EPL


I trust that there will be an app for BB10. Or at least that the Android version will not be dependant on Google Play Services. 

If I've helped, mark with Kudos or Solution so I'm not sitting around scratching my head thinking I've got it wrong.

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Will optus be seeking to add to the football content with other competitions such as the a-league or other overseas leagues?


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Well said lfc89, like you I have watched every Liverpool game and want to be able to continue to do, but wireless and streaming is not the answer lets hope Optus realise that.

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Foxtel have provided an excellent coverage of the English Premier League via Satellite. I am concerned about the broadband service we have in the mid Blue Mountains and I am not convinced we will have the same fault free coverage through the internet as we get via Satellite. As Optus own at least one communication Satellite why can't you provide a service through that. Why push everything onto the internet? Need convincing. 

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A lot of the complaints so far are unfounded.


The sbs thing is a great clue, the sbs streaming engine for the 2014 World Cup finals was perfect HD with multiple cams at once, and I could play 2 matches at once on 4mbps (which was even travelling 100m through the electrical system to my shed), I now have 25mbps. Your current streaming woes are caused by the crappy technology that sends them to you atm, but SBS have proved it can be done.


If it's available through website login, you can watch anywhere with a laptop/PC,  and also stream that laptop through your TV through a HDMI cable, I did and it was perfect. SBS also had catch up for every game available for at least a week after the game.


With an Optus plan the data will not be counted, or all Optus is unlimited anyway, the worst that can happen is you may have to pay a bit more for unlimited with Telstra etc.





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@olliewollie @MrJamesMooreFetch TV will be the best option for all our EPL content, but there will also be an app and dedicated Optus EPL website to watch live and catch up EPL games; however we're yet to release the full details on what other options may be available at this time. 

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@AussieKop88 @JAQThere may be other options announced to watch EPL aside from Fetch TV. If you didn't have an Optus Fetch TV service, there would also be an option to watch live and catch up matches on our app and Optus EPL website.The Optus satelite broadcast platform wouyld be another option for customers who either can’t access Optus’ broadband services, or can’t get High Definition content via their broadband service. We'll release more info closer to the start of the 2016 season but you can keep up to date with all the latest EPL devlopemnts here


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Optus - do yourself a favour, take all the concerns from people and summarise in a FAQ.
Im sure you will find ample people ready to sign up once they know what they are going to get.

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 @plowry Sounds like a good idea. We'll see what we can get together with the team and post some FAQ's.

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