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Will all EPL matches be available to watch 'live' if you have a subscription to Fetch TV or will you charge extra per game for the big matches like Sky TV does in the UK?

Up until this season Foxtel have made all of the games available for subscribers of their sports package, without any extra per game charges. Will Optus match that?

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EPL subscription on the Chromecast App would be spot on. You may even get my Broadband and Mobile contract too ! Let's see how you go Smiley Wink

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The Optus cable does not go past my home and in any event the Internet service level is insufficient on any service to get sufficient bandwidth to stream live sport. I pay Telstra for the highest level possible speed on cable (100Mbs) and still often all I get is 9Mbs. Try watching sport on that!


And in any case who wants to watch on a small screen, mobile phone or computer, when one is used to HD on a huge screen? 


So in essence I can't get access to Optus cable and the Optus TV services even if I want to unless/perhaps I put a dish on my roof - no chance of that.


Thanks Optus. I used to be a dedicated client now all I do is reduce my foxtel subscription as I don't watch any other sport and cancel all Optus accounts as you have taken away my most significant recreation!


So So dissatisfied!

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I notice there is no mention of any coverage in HD. Does this mean we pay all this extra money to watch the EPL and all these shows in SD?

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Hi lfc89, totally agree with you I think streaming will be a big problem. The internet in Australia does not have the capacity for this at the moment. 


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Hi Steve, I saw that but there is no mention of it in the Optus email I received, also I don't know if this means the satellite that you get when you have no internet reception, so you use it instead of broadband, I was more meaning cable TV like Foxtel it's much more stable and much better quality than streaming especially for live sport and of course we will need the option to record as the games are on overnight.

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Further, their consultants on the phone are TOTALLY unpreparred and know nothing more than the announcement! Didn't Optus relaise that heaps of us would call and ask questions? Such poor preparation. Really gives you no confidence that they will be ready to offer any quality service come August!


And yes we need a mechanism to record games when there is a 2am KO. How on earth is that to be done if you can't have other than an internet based connection to a laptop?


I am utterly furious about this as I will lose so much of my football enjoyment given this wrench away from a quality albeit expensive service to an ill thought out service without an effective delivery mechanism! Fine for those with a cable connection to Optus although it means massive duplication coupled with high cost if there is something you want on Foxtel as well.


I miss out big time as there seems no way to get acees except via the inadequate Australian Internet system. Even if I had 100/100Mbs I would NOT want the service delivered to me this way as the costs are massive on data alone. There are some many technical reasons why this is a ridiculous option.

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This is very important to a lot of people. Personally I work full time and have watched every live  Liverpool game for the last 8 years. Yes I have all the apps that Foxtel provide but it's not the same. It's not a monetary issue, but I expect to be able to have access to a stable, hd broadcast.


I really hope there is some clarification on this because of they are going to rely on a wireless service it just won't work.


I have telstras fastest internet and even though the line speed is 70-80mbps it doesn't translate to that when streaming. So if I currently struggle I can imagine what others will go through.


As I said earlier it's so important to people here and I laugh at the fact that Foxtel will now rely on afl. Yes it is massive here but a lot of people have Foxtel just for the epl. 


Hopefully optus doesn't take these concerns lightly as it is very important to me personally and many others.

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Before I sign up I want a guarantee that the stream wont be buffering all the time, I'm getting 20mbps now but that varies greatly.


Also I'd like to know if I can stream on demand to a laptop, not a mobile device or a tablet, I want to run the laptop through my projector.



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Great to see the epl on free to air tv. Please dont give them crappy games. You will be getting people with your service, so id love to see it rewarded with big games. Give them a north london derby, or a manchester derby. 

Its only 4 huge games for the year so you wont see much difference in the bottom line. 

I also concur with others. I dotn want fetch tv just to get the epl. I have foxtel, i have netflix, i stream from other devices too. Its getting too cluttered. 

Will you allow me to chromecast from mobile devices if i decide to use that option or will you stupidly content lock it?

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