Optus and the EPL

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The English Premier League is the most popular and well-known football (soccer) competition in the world, and Optus will be bringing it to fans within Australia for the next three years, kicking off in August 2016. We’re pumped to be broadcasting this hot competition to Aussie homes really soon.


As we have more info about plans/pricing and other specifics, we’ll make it known in this thread.


For now, we can spill the beans on the following details:


  • Optus is broadcasting all 380 matches of the 2016/17 English Premier League season - Australia’s first-ever 24/7 football channel dedicated exclusively to the English Premier League, and aired on Optus TV with Fetch
  • An Optus EPL app for mobile and tablet devices, giving you access to Optus’ 24/7 EPL channel and on-demand streaming of matches
  • You’ll also be able to watch your favourite games via an all-new, dedicated Optus EPL website - And for every round, one EPL match will be broadcasted live on SBS
  • If you love kicking back with mates and watching the game at your local, we’ve got good news for you – we will have a solution tailored for pubs, clubs and other venues. Be sure to let your local know that they can register their interest today!


Safe to say, we’re pretty excited and hope you are too. We’d also love to hear from the fans and members of this community – so, if you’ve got suggestions or feedback, let us know in here Smiley Happy

Re: Optus and the EPL

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Repost from closed thread:


Great to see some details!


One thingh i'm still confused about however is; do I have to get fetch tv for the subscription? I would like to be able to just use the subscription through the app and website without having to get a set top box. Will this be possible?

Re: Optus and the EPL


Yep that's exactly what we all want to know. Can we get all the content without Fetch TV? For example via Apple TV app?

Re: Optus and the EPL


this is definitely makes me more inclined to buy your other services if it is as good as it sounds!

Re: Optus and the EPL


How do I check if my TV at home can get access to the EPL?


I live in Glenwood, NSW 2768 where Telstra appears to have a monopoly on telco business.

Re: Optus and the EPL


This is the news we have been waiting for as avid EPL fans. Fox Sports has covered the EPL brilliantly over the past few years especially as it's a satellite service, we have a very poor Internet service where we live, how can we watch without having to stream the content? For us and I'm sure for many it's a very important question.

Re: Optus and the EPL


@JAQ the media release indicates that Satellite would be an option for those with no/poor internet coverage.

Re: Optus and the EPL


A Smart TV app would be my preference over signing up for Fetch set top box. Is that a possibility? Would be good for exisiting Optus mobile customers who don't want to sign up to Fetch.

Re: Optus and the EPL



I currently access and pay for my Optus TV subscription through the Optus TV on Foxtel service.

I see no mention of this Optus Cable TV service in any of the press releases.

Please can you tell me if the Optus EPL Channel be available on this service.

Many thanks




Re: Optus and the EPL


I would much rather prefer a cable connection as the games may struggle streaming let alone any delays in coverage. Prefer the stability and quality of the matches, which will hopefully be in hd, to go through cable. That's a big concern after being so comfortable with Foxtel over the last few years. 

I hope Optus really provides a great experience because Foxtel has no idea what they will miss out on now. 

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