Optus Sports on Android TV?


When can we expect android TV app for Optus sports?

Re: Optus Sports on Android TV?


We suggest to ask the Optus Sports team directly submitting an issue under the Manage Subscription category.

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Re: Optus Sports on Android TV?


How long is a piece of string?


Given Android TV is only really just gaining traction these days, I wouldn't argue it would be terribly far away. But, there is no way of saying "It will arrive on DD/MM/YY". Sadly, because people hold ISPs to the date by the second then log silly complaints because it didn't happen 9 seconds ago, they are very loose on dates.

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Re: Optus Sports on Android TV?


Thanks for your reply.

As there is an app for Apple TV, one would assume there should be one for Android TV aswell. I believe there are more android an users than apple. Optus is missing out and so are we. 

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