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Optus Sports app Android TV




Can we please have either a definite yes or no as to whether Optus plans to develop/release an Optus Sport app for Android TV?


Please note I am not asking volunteer contributors for work-arounds involving Chromecast dongles/Fire TV/Apple TV 4th Gen/XBox/Fetch TV. They either don’t work to my satisfaction or come with costs/subscriptions that I am unwilling to sign up to. I would really just like an Optus employee to answer this question as I have yet to read an answer that actually answers this often asked question and I feel this topic is one that goes above a contributors realm of expertise.


Re: Optus Sports app Android TV


Hi panders,

From the Optus Sport network team:

Short answer is No. Unfortunately Optus Sport via Android TV is not supported. Customers may be able to download the app onto their TV but at this stage it is not supported.

Only supported methods to stream Optus Sport to their TV is via Chromecast, FireTV and Apple TV.

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