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I'm looking for a definitive answer to what I thought would be a fairly straightforward question: do you need to be a subscriber to an Optus service in order to sign up for Optus Sport? The Optus Sport website seems to make it clear that even non-Optus users can buy the Optus Sport package for $15 per month once they download the Optus Sport app. Yet two different Optus people have told me today (one via phone and the other via live chat) that I have to be an Optus user/subscriber in order to use the Optus Sport package, and that if i want it I'll have to continue with my existing Optus service. 

So can someone put me straight and tell me whether the website is wrong, or the two Optus people I heard this from today are wrong!

Thanks in advance


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Anyone can subscribe to Optus sports. Just download the iOS or Android app and subscribe on the app..




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