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Optus Sport costs 14.95? It used to be free.

I used to be able to watch Optus Sport (Premier League) as part of my mobile/cables plans.
(4 mobiles, 3 usbs, 1 optus cable)

Two days ago I watched Sheffield United vs Bournemouth - I had no problems!

I wanted to watch a game last night (Liverpool vs Southampton) and it requested me to sign up for Premium and pay $14.95 a month.

Anyone else has this experience?
Did I miss someting?

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Re: Optus Sport costs 14.95? It used to be free.

I think 1 of 2 things have happened here, likely the first.

1. You've been logged out of Optus sport on the device you're watching it on. You simply need to log back in for it to recognise your account and eligibility. If you don't know your log in details you're best contacting Optus

2. Optus sport was included in 1 of the plans you've mentioned above for the life of the contract (normally 24 months) and said contract has now finished so it's no longer free. Note if this is the case, most of Optus' current plans also include Optus Sport so recontracting could get you access for free again

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
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Re: Optus Sport costs 14.95? It used to be free.

Its possible. As Optus says:

This (Optus Sport) is a month-to-month subscription and does not form any part of an Optus plan.

Some plans a while ago offered free subscription for a year only. Now it seems its an ongoing offer.

Two options:

1) Signup as requested. Its month to month and you'll maybe pay $15 but more likely Optus will show it on the bill and also a credit for -$15 to offset it.

2) Contact Optus directly and ask what's going on. Only they can see what you plan should include.
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