Optus Sport = buffering 80% of the time


Regardless of internet speed i spend most of time watching the videos of Optus Sport buffering rather than the actual content. Am i alone here? This is very frustrating. 

Re: Optus Sport = buffering 80% of the time


Buffering is usually a bandwidth issue. How are you connecting the Fetch to the internet? Wifi? What speeds are you getting reported over your internet? Are you testing on a wired PC? What speed plan are you on?


Any chance you could connect the Fetch to your modem with a cable and disable wifi for testing?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus Sport = buffering 80% of the time




I am facing similar issue right now trying to watch the Live match between Egypt and Uruguay.


I am on apply tv 4k with latest software and optus sport latest app.


And i can guarantee you it is not a bandwidth issue as I am on fibre to node with 100MB connection. My other youtube apps works with no issue.


It is the live matches that is buffering 90% of the time. I am basically watching seconds of the match, closing the app, restarting again.


i would really appreciate Optus can provide a reliable service especially when they are charging $14 for it.



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