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The video quality is terrible and much worse than last year. I have an internet connection of 25mbps, am streaming through the ultra hd chrome cast - same as last year - but the quality is rubbish. I can't make out players on the field, the whole thing is a blur. Not only that but when opening the on demand Arsenal match it opened up in the post match press room with the score displayed!! What's the point! Game ruined immediately, no option to start at the beginning and then the video quality is the worst I have viewed in living memory. How are you going to sort this out?


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I have the same set up as you and cast from my android phone with no problems.

With Chromecast, because it adjusts the quality of picture with the quality of the connection, it sounds like a problem with the speed of your internet or the wifi connection to the Chromecast dongle.


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Re: Optus Sport Video Quality πŸ‘Ž


Sorry to hear that @Mochael Smiley Sad 


I can totally understand that this is very frustrating.


During the time you experienced this was anything else connected to the internet? 


Have you run a speed test to see what speeds you were getting at that time?


What is your Wi-Fi speeds like when this happens? 

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