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New Contributor Jon_Conner
New Contributor

Optus Sport - Upgrade plan to 720p50 for non Fetch and 1080p50 or higher for Fetch



I would like to start with the quality on Fetch looks adequate at 720p50 (50 being 50 frames per second). In 2019 it should be a minimum of 1080p50 as Fetch is your primary platform but it still looks good on all smaller TV's (by today’s standards)


For any other platform such as Chromecast, Web browser, ATV exc the picture quality is hopelessly out of date and using a standard that just should not be used for live or delayed sport. After analysing the quality of the stream the issues are mainly attributed to the low frame rate and it appears to be 25 fps. 720p25 for Sport it just not acceptable and should have a solution in place to fix this ASAP as it causes very jarring effects and just looks horrible.


I understand you pay for server bandwidth but if you have a solution that utilises HEVC when available then you could use the same bandwidth and give people a 720p50 stream. I know this won’t work for all devices but the likes of Web Browser and other devices with the support can handle this format but you will get a lot of props and support from the EPL fans if you proceed which could potential lead to additional sales from your other business.


Otherwise people will hold you to a low standard and potential move from your products or to one of your MVNO as that’s what I will do at the end of my contract.


Do you have any upgrade plan with dates that can be shared?


Happy for any Feedback. 



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